Blumenthal Deposition Transcript Ready for Release

Jun 19, 2015
Press Release
Democrats Renew Call to #ReleasetheTranscript; Details Revealed About Republican Questioning

WASHINGTON— Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Ranking Member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, issued the following statement after Sidney Blumenthal’s attorneys completed their review of the transcript of his deposition, making technical corrections and taking other steps to prepare it for public release:

“Now that Mr. Blumenthal’s attorneys have completed their review, the American people can read for themselves his responses to hundreds of questions Republicans posed during their day-long session.  The transcript reveals exactly how Republicans are spending your taxpayer dollars—investigating Secretary Clinton and her personal relationships rather than the attacks in Benghazi.  Over the past week, the Select Committee has become a sieve, with anonymous ‘sources’ repeatedly leaking selected excerpts of Mr. Blumenthal’s emails out of context.  It’s time to end this circus.  The Committee should immediately release all of Mr. Blumenthal’s emails and his full deposition transcript together.”

On Wednesday, Cummings and all Committee Democrats sent a letter calling on Gowdy to release Blumenthal’s deposition transcript at the same time as his emails.  Gowdy claimed had to be “convinced” about why he should treat Blumenthal differently since he has released no other interview transcripts to date.

Democrats responded that Gowdy is the one treating Blumenthal differently—by releasing emails only from him and no other witnesses, by forcing him to appear at a mandatory deposition unlike all other witnesses, and by sending armed Marshals to his home to serve a subpoena even though he was always willing to cooperate.

Republican Deposition Questions—By The Numbers

The transcript of Blumenthal’s deposition includes hundreds of questions posed by Republicans during the day-long session, including the following:

  • Blumenthal’s relationship/communications with the Clintons—more than 160
  • Benghazi attacks – less than 20


  • The Clinton Foundation—more than 50
  • Security in Benghazi—4


  • Blumenthal’s alleged business activities in Libya—more than 270
  • The U.S. presence in Benghazi—0


  • David Brock, Media Matters, and affiliated entities—more than 45
  • Ambassador Stevens and other U.S. personnel in Benghazi—0

Updated: Mr. Blumenthal's counsel sent a letter to the Select Committee today urging Chairman Gowdy to release the deposition transcript immediately in light of the numerous and inaccurate leaks from the Committee that are “creating an incomplete and unfair narrative about the deposition, Mr. Blumenthal’s knowledge about Libya, and the tragedy occurred in Benghazi.”

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